Modern Classics

Crunchy French toast 495 cal.

corn flake crusted, strawberries, bananas, lite syrup

11 Fast fare

scrambled eggs, diced ham, hash browns

15 Eggs Benedict

two poached eggs*, toasted English muffin, Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce

15 House Cured Corned Beef Hash

redskin potatoes, bell pepper, onion, poached egg

14 Egg white frittata 350 cal

turkey sausage*, avocado, tomato

12 Broken Yolk Sandwich

bacon, Middlefield cheddar cheese, sliced tomato, herb aioli, english muffin , hash browns

10 Buttermilk pancakes

whipped butter, warm maple syrup

14 Breakfast Burrito

herb sausage, Middlefield pepper jack cheese, roasted pepper, chipotle aioli, hash browns

14 Egg White + Baby Spinach Wrap

crumbled feta cheese, roasted tomatoes, cucumber and red pepper quinoa


4 Fresh orange juice

4 Apple, Cranberry

4 Starbucks coffee – regular and decaffeinated

3 Hot tea

4 Milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate

5 San Pellegrino sparkling water

3 Soft drink

pepsi, diet pepsi, sierra mist natural

Classic Breakfast

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3-Egg Omelets

14 Classic ham and aged cheddar

hash browns

12 Egg white

fresh herbs, hash browns

14 The Farmers

bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, aged cheddar, hash browns

14 The Midwestern

herb breakfast sausage, ham, bacon, crispy potaotes, Middlefield cheddar cheese, hash browns


5 Hash browns

6 Oatmeal 440 cal.

brown sugar, raisins, milk

4 Side of toast

whipped butter